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Financial techniques are constantly evolving and becoming more complex and the amount of information on a daily basis often creates confusion. Without support and professional advice, our experience has taught us that it is often difficult for a lay person to make choices.

We believe that by

  • Being able to properly advise is at first, know your customer,
  • Being able to properly advise is having good knowledge of all their portfolio,
  • Being able to properly advise is, to find options that meet the customer's choice,
  • Being able to properly advise is to follow, monitor the portfolio over time.

When an investor decides to entrust the management of all or part of its assets to a third full of confidence, he must be able to benefit from a glance and a regular review.  get a look at his business and a regular checkup.
He must also be able to compare the performance of the manager with all his assets.


Independent coaching, why?

  • Are you ready to provide a banker with all your financial data?
  • Are you sure your advisor will not make you repatriate all or part of your assets in his establishment?
  • If you benefit from a credit line or a real estate loan, are you ready to show all your cards to your banker or insurer?
  • Are you sensitive to the fact you can end up losing your freedom of investment?


An independent  expert at your service...

  • Will make an accurate assessment from the materials that you provide us,
  • Will help you make choices and reorient your assets to better suited financial institutions,
  • Will provide a regular review of your assets in a complete and neutral way,
  • Will accompany you to your banker il desired.

We are sitting at your side to support you and explain.
We are not sitting at the desk in front of you trying to convince you.

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